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Cataloging Script

Document Updated: 2020-03-18

Once data is downloaded and unpacked, the data can be cataloged (pstorm catalog <args>) in order to more quickly access key information such as GPS data for each image, file size, and date taken to help with statistical and spatial analysis. Note that catalogs that contain Latitude and Longitude information can only be built with storms that have both .jpg and .geom files (e.g., Florence).

Command-Line Quick Reference

Parameter Argument(s) Function Default Value
--path, -p <path> The path to start archiving from (e.g. a specific storm's folder for storm specific catalog) <current directory>
--extension, -e <extension> Only add files with this extension to the catalog jpg
--fields, -e <Set> Only include these fields from the .geom and system values (See Note)
--debug, -d Include parameter to output debug information to console False
--verbosity, -v <level> The amount of information to log to console (0 = only errors, 1 = low, 2 = medium, 3 = high) 1

Modifying Catalog Contents

Any field within the `.geom` file of all images can be added to the catalog by simply changing the `--fields` flag.
The default fields are `{'file', 'storm_id', 'archive', 'image', 'date', 'size', 'geom_checksum', 'll_lat',
'll_lon', 'lr_lat', 'lr_lon', 'ul_lat', 'ul_lon', 'ur_lat', 'ur_lon'}`.


If the command doesn't understand one of your parameters, try again, but with quotes around any argument. Command-line treats anything separated by a space as two separate arguments, so something like

-e {'file', 'storm_id', 'archive', 'image', 'date', 'size', 'geom_checksum', 'll_lat',
'll_lon', 'lr_lat', 'lr_lon', 'ul_lat', 'ul_lon', 'ur_lat', 'ur_lon'}

should instead be

-e "{'file', 'storm_id', 'archive', 'image', 'date', 'size', 'geom_checksum', 'll_lat', 'll_lon', 'lr_lat',
'lr_lon', 'ul_lat', 'ul_lon', 'ur_lat', 'ur_lon'}"
Catalog Snippet Example (Florence.csv)
    file                                storm_id    archive         image           size        date        ur_lat              lr_lon              ur_lon              ll_lat              ul_lon              ll_lon              lr_lat              geom_checksum                       ul_lat
0   20180919b_jpgs/jpgs/P26276665.jpg   florence    20180919b_jpgs  P26276665.jpg   5921685     2018/09/19  34.191330528689896  -77.8172986188853   -77.8071351918187   34.2084190030626    -77.7966678384306   -77.8109531705992   34.2002698812517    22bfdc9e8c7dd77694051c42b73ef383    34.2044620318067
1   20180919b_jpgs/jpgs/P26275221.jpg   florence    20180919b_jpgs  P26275221.jpg   7856304     2018/09/19  34.7371165394654    -76.77522871514509  -76.7749606421931   34.7477255105265    -76.7604501831659   -76.7643344559212   34.745983715257395  2bf6434e14c78918a083b45d8e8c84e3    34.739330560690604
2   20180919b_jpgs/jpgs/C26276792.jpg   florence    20180919b_jpgs  C26276792.jpg   7416479     2018/09/19  34.1162796503269    -77.87568430993849  -77.8792119685572   34.1210497955716    -77.8652190981454   -77.86175166742471  34.1254405298099    4028837f1fd5c4d272b3fcbf086da858    34.112801566182604
3   20180919b_jpgs/jpgs/P26272498.jpg   florence    20180919b_jpgs  P26272498.jpg   7077670     2018/09/19  35.193880664552495  -77.1145840941805   -77.12685826117591  35.1924425087302    -77.1143746980758   -77.1067252477598   35.1994469823763    6936f486b508e47daa4170f59ec40493    35.1834462909063
4   20180919b_jpgs/jpgs/S26272099.jpg   florence    20180919b_jpgs  S26272099.jpg   7181557     2018/09/19  35.2185091526623    -77.2066561006074   -77.2176882132229   35.220158733872     -77.20315073385841  -77.1973995512931   35.2259529314223    7cf0657aa2514cb44a9b3a911dfd6327    35.2089104765192

Last update: 2020-03-18